Whether responses to complaints in the workplace are deemed reasonable, effective, and limit the potential for liability turns on how well supervisors are trained in proper investigation techniques, legal requirements, assessing crediblity, and resolving conflicts.  Ms. Oaks offers professional and effective training for supervisors as follows: AB 1825 training – mandated training for supervisors of California employers with fifty or more employees that focuses on sexual harassment prevention and complaint response. In-depth advanced investigation training for supervisors or administrators responsible for responding to discrimination complaints. Employee or student sexual harassment / discrimination prevention training.

Ms. Oaks has developed training that provides a unique and comprehensive approach to responding to discrimination and workplace complaints. All training provides participants with useful written and interactive materials, and is customized to include the specific policies supervisors must implement in the workplace or academic setting.

Training materials for investigating and responding to sexual harassment and discrimination complaints include a manual authored by Ms. Oaks.  The manual provides supervisors with comprehensive and legally derived checklists and forms for all stages of workplace investigations.

The RESPECT Investigation Manual developed by Ms. Oaks can be reviewed in full by contacting Ms. Oaks at  The materials are copyrighted, however, included in the cost of any investigation training is the right to unlimited reproduction of the manual’s checklists and forms as needed by supervisors to utilize when investigating discrimination complaints.  Staff from state agencies and institutions throughout California have highly recommended these materials and referred to the RESPECT manual as a defensible, sound and useful framework for investigating discrimination claims arising in employment and academic settings.

Rates for training are negotiated; training is individualized depending on institutional/employer needs. Please contact Robin for more information.

RESPECT Investigation Manual

Download an excerpt from the RESPECT Investigation Manual, authored by Robin Oaks. You can also download the Table of Contents. To preview the manual in its entirety contact Ms. Oaks at

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